Markel Specialty offers coverage specifically designed for show animal clubs

Customizable insurance policies to fit your club's needs.

A regular general liability insurance policy may not be adequate for the needs of your show animal club. You may need coverage that encompasses events, property, members, spectators, and volunteers. That’s where Markel Specialty’s insurance for show animal clubs can help.

Our show animal club insurance is a great choice for your organization because it can provide the coverage you need for:

  • Your club’s leased or owned premises
  • Special events
  • Your club’s various functions such as shows and clinics

Why do I need insurance for my show animal club?

You never know what might happen at a club function or event. For example, a dog could bite a visitor or a member may trip over a cord and injure themselves.

If someone gets hurt or property is damaged at a club function or event, your club could be held liable. That’s why you need Markel Specialty’s insurance for show animal clubs.

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What can insurance for show animal clubs cover?

Markel Specialty's show animal club insurance has the coverage your club needs.

General liability
  • Commercial general liability limits: $300k/$900k; $500k/$1.5m; $1m/$3m*
  • Includes limited premises, $5,000 medical payments, $100,000 fire legal liability; event and liquor liability coverages available
  • Excludes products liability
  • General liability enhancement available to increase limits and provide additional coverages
  • 10% credit available towards liability premium when applicant is a member of an accredited professional association

Farm property
Offers Clubhouse coverage and is available to add to the policy, which converts to a farm package policy.

Optional coverages

Base coverage included and can increase limits.

Inland marine
Coverage can be added to the policy, when no farm property exists.

Excess liability
Limits up to $10 million. Available over the underlying Markel Specialty general liability and may be eligible for commercial auto.

*Per occurrence is the maximum amount that may be paid on a covered individual claim; aggregate is the maximum amount that may be paid on all covered claims combined within the policy period.

Loss control
Markel Specialty is committed to providing the tools you need to help you keep safety first.

Get the protection and peace of mind you deserve.

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