Small business claims expertise

Efficient claims processing - so your employee can return to business as usual.

Workers compensation claims can be especially challenging. Our goal is to reduce the time it takes for an injured worker to return to work while also efficiently managing the medical costs.

Our specially trained claims examiners know your business and even your state.

Over the years, we’ve learned all about the unique needs and wants of small business owners. We’ve trained our staff to recognize the particular obstacles that your kind of small business may face.

To best serve you, no matter where you are, our claims professionals are available in all four time zones to answer your questions with personal attention and industry-specific expertise. All Markel Specialty claims examiners are specially trained and supervised in specific states’ laws and procedures. We also maintain an industry average caseload for all adjusters so they can have the time to stay focused on your claim.

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Find out how you can report an injury, find a medical provider, or get pharmacy services.

To do this, Markel Specialty built strong relationships with independent medical case management companies across the country to provide on-the-ground care for severe and complex injuries. We also use nurse management systems to reduce the time it takes for injured workers to return to work while managing medical costs. For challenging and conflicted cases, we take advantage of independent medical utilization and physician peer reviews. These partners allow Markel Specialty to streamline medical treatment by using quick and fair medical assessments.

Our claims examiners also work with the doctors to direct injured workers to a trusted network of diagnostic providers (including MRI, CT, EMG/NCS, XRAY) across the country. These providers help us deliver the best quality diagnostics at the lowest possible prices.

To ensure that injured workers can more easily obtain their necessary medications, we partner with a trusted third-party vendor to provide a prescription card. This is not a so-called discount card. The Markel Specialty prescription card works like a credit card for the injured employee, except the bill is sent to us.

Cost-effective payment solutions keep premiums affordable for businesses like yours.

To effectively reimburse healthcare providers quickly and equitably, we utilize a medical bill cost management program wherever we can. By reducing unfounded and unnecessary charges, we can maintain low medical costs and pass those savings on to you.

Special units dedicated to handling major catastrophes and fraud.

Hurricanes, tornadoes, wildfires, earthquakes and other major disasters generate substantial insurance claims. Markel Specialty stays prepared for catastrophic claims with our Large Loss Unit. This group of highly experienced examiners gives dedicated attention to a small number of severe and complex claims.

Markel’s Special Investigation Unit (SIU) enhances our fraud protection capabilities and ensures we have anti-fraud plans that are in compliance with your state insurance department. By placing detection, identification, prevention, and mitigation measures in place, the SIU has become a valuable tool in aiding the Claim Department in protecting the integrity of our policies.