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Section 1 – Insured/Policy Information
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Section 2 - Employee wages during the audit period

Employee payroll and job duties

Please list all employees and their duties. If you utilize an accounting software or payroll service, please upload a summarized report that includes all duties for each employee employed during the audit period. If you have less than 10 employees or do not have access to a summarized payroll report, please enter the information manually below. Manual entry is limited to 10 employees.

In the event that you have greater than 10 employees please prepare a summary of employee’s wages by duties.

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Section 3 - Payroll verification requirements

The premium for the audit policy term will determine if quarterly documents are required. Examples are: Federal 941 Quarterly Forms and/or State Unemployment Quarterly Forms.

States Premium threshold
AK $3,000
CA $8,000
DE, MA, NY, PA $2,000
All other states $5,000

Please upload your quarterlies during your expiring policy term.

It is encouraged to attach the quarterly forms now, as they may be requested by the auditor at the time of processing.

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Section 4 - Operations
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Section 5 - Principals/Ownership
Provide information about owners, principals, officers, LLC members, partners and proprietors.

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Section 6 - Subcontractors, contract labor, 1099 and any other non-W2 labor
If more than 9 contractors or subcontractors were utilized, attach a summary. Include amount paid, type of work performed, dates of service, labor/materials costs if applicable, and their policy number and period. Please also attach any certificates of insurance.
If more than three contractors or subcontractors were utilized, please upload a spreadsheet of the requested detail.

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Section 7 - Additional questions
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Section 8 - Audit contact information

Please complete this section with your information. Markel will send a copy of this online form to the insured’s email entered in Section 1, as well as your email listed below.

By clicking submit below, I certify that I am an authorized representative of the insured for the purpose of this workers compensation audit. I also certify that all information provided is complete and accurate, and understand that the email provided will receive a copy of this audit documentation.

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