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We hope you and your family are safe. If you have been affected by one of the recent hurricanes or tropical storms and need to make an insurance claim, please call 1-800-362-7535 or click here to file your claim online.

Introducing workers compensation and businessowners policy in Arizona

EssentialBOP highlights:

  • 25% commission on all new EssentialBOP policies (effective 4/1/17-12/31/17)
  • Pricing flexibility
  • Customizable insurance solutions depending on your risk
  • EssentialBOP – base level available for all insureds
    • +1 endorsement – increases limits for an additional $100
    • +2 endorsement – increases limits and offers coverages not always offered in EssentialBOP’s base level coverage for an additional $200
  • Low minimum premiums
    • $500 minimum premium for non-contracting class codes
    • $650 minimum premium for contracting class codes
  • Flexible payment options (installment fees apply and vary by state and product)
  • 10% multi-policy discount applies to the EssentialBOP policy when workers compensation policy is bound (discount not applicable to equipment breakdown protection coverage)
    • Policies must have a common FEIN

 Workers compensation highlights:

  • 15% commission on new workers compensation policies
  • 20% commission on workers compensation polices when combined with a BOP (effective 4/1/17-12/31/17)
  • Flexible payment options (installment fees apply and vary by state and product)
  • No payroll minimums

Producer benefits:

  • Submit online for an instant quote, with direct access to your underwriter if you have questions
  • Check class code eligibility online in mPortal before you submit
  • Electronic document delivery
  • Insured-in-office alerts to prioritize time-sensitive accounts
  • Claims Adjusters who explain the claim process to policyholders and their injured worker
  • Single commission statement for producers
  • Markel Rewards

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