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Markel believes knowledgeable claims professionals who are prepared to answer your questions with personal attention and expertise are your most important resource when you have a claim. With claims professionals available in all four time zones, you have the claims assistance you need, when you need it.

*For work-related injuries requiring care, please report this to us immediately, regardless of the information you have at hand. We are here to help you find a medical provider and assistance.

Markel has three easy ways to report a workers' compensation, property, or liability claim:

Call us
Call our in-house Claims Line Reporting Services at 888-500-3344 and provide as much of the following information that you have access to at the time:

    • Markel policy number
    • Insured and claimant names with contact details
    • Date of loss
    • Location and description of loss
    • If you have any pertinent documentation available (incident report, police report, witness information, photos, etc.)

FAX us
Fill out a claim form for the state in which your policy is located and FAX it to us at 877-444-6806.

Email us
Send an email to and include the following information:

    • Markel policy number
    • Insured and claimant names with contact details
    • Date of loss
    • Location and description of loss
    • Any pertinent documentation available (incident report, police report, witness information, photos, etc.)

Catastrophic claims unit

Markel stays prepared for catastrophic claims by employing a unit of highly experienced examiners in our Large Loss Unit. This unit handles a small number of severe and complex files in order to give dedicated attention to these types of claims. Our Catastrophic claims unit draws knowledge from its average 22 years of experience to best administer complex claims.

Claims staff trained in serving small business owners

Markel specializes in the unique needs and wants of small business owners. We train our staff to recognize the unique obstacles that a work place injury can bring to a small business in order to help educate our policy holders to make the claims process as smooth as possible.

Dedicated ClaimsLine for reporting an injury

Our First Report of Injury (FROI) staff is available 8:00 a.m. EST to 7:00 p.m. EST with the sole purpose of providing our policy holders direct contact to our in-house Claims Department in order to report a claim as efficiently as possible. Dial: 888-500-3344, select #1, and you will be forwarded to our Claims Service group.

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In-house loss control department

Markel believes in keeping our policy holders and their employees safe. We operate a Loss Control department dedicated to providing the information and advice needed to keep employees safe at work. A safe work environment is the best way to keep accidents from happening.  The Loss Control department is designed to provide cost effective programs intended to keep workers safe. Click here to see the vast amount of resources available to you.

Medical bill cost management program

In order to effectively reimburse providers quickly and equitably, Markel utilizes a medical bill cost management program which we apply in all possible states and jurisdictions. By reducing the unfounded and unnecessary charges we are able to maintain low medical costs which allow us to pass those savings on to our policy holders.

Medical case management

Markel has strong relationships with independent medical case management companies across the country. We utilize these relationships to provide on-the-ground care for severe and complex injuries. Our utilization of nurse management allows us to reduce the time it takes for injured workers to return to work while managing medical costs.

Medical utilization review and physician to physician peer review services

Markel partners with third-party vendors to give independent medical utilization and physician peer review on difficult and conflicted cases. These partners allow Markel a quick and fair medical assessment in order to streamline medical treatment.

Nationwide diagnostic network provider

Markel FirstComp works with a trusted network of diagnostic providers (including MRI, CT, EMG/NCS, XRAY) across the country to provide the best quality films at the lowest possible prices. We work with the doctors to direct injured workers to these providers in order to provide efficient and cost effective diagnostics.

Prescription management program

Markel partners with a trusted third-party vendor to provide a prescription card for claimants to obtain prescription medications prescribed by a treating doctor for their workers’ compensation injury. The prescription card works as a credit card for the injured employee, except the bill is sent to Markel. This is a fast and easy way for injured workers to get no-cost prescription medication as they recover from their injuries.

Special investigation unit

Markel’s Special Investigation Unit (SIU) enhances our fraud protection capabilities and ensures we have anti-fraud plans that are in compliance with state insurance departments. By placing detection, identification, prevention, and mitigation measures in place, the SIU has become a valuable tool in aiding the Claim Department in protecting the integrity of our policies.

State-specific claims examiners

Each claims examiner is specially trained and supervised in specific states’ laws and procedures, which allows the adjuster to create claim resolution strategies for each individual state.  This learned expertise allows the examiner to better serve our policy holders in each state. Markel maintains an industry average case load for all adjusters which allow adjusters the ability to maintain focus on each claim.

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