Businessowners policy (BOP)

Flexible BOP coverage for all your business needs.

Markel is pleased to offer a businessowners policy geared toward the unique risks of small business owners. We offer it as a stand-alone policy or bundled with a workers compensation and/or miscellaneous errors and omissions policy.

Markel Essential BOP is also there to grow and adapt along with the changing needs of businesses. Quickly and easily select the amount of coverage needed along with flexible payment options.

Here are a few reasons our BOP is the right fit for your business:

  • Submit online for an instant quote, with direct access to your underwriter if you have questions.
  • New class codes continuously added, and pricing flexibility.
  • Customizable insurance solutions depending on your risk.
  • EssentialBOP – base level available for all insureds
    • +1 endorsement – increases limits for an additional $100
    • +2 endorsement – increases limits and offers coverages not always offered in EssentialBOP’s base level coverage for an additional $200
  • Low minimum premiums
    • $500 minimum premium for non-contracting class codes
    • $650 for contracting classes codes
  • Flexible payment options
These types of businesses work best with Markel 's EssentialBOP:

Additional coverage:
Add our employment practices liability (EPL) endorsement to further protect your business from the financial strain an employee claim can cause. Not only will the EPL endorsement provide you with the coverage you need, you will also have special access to Through this easy-to-use site, you can view and download resources such a model employee handbook, best employment practices checklist, model forms and policies, and a library of employment related articles. 

Click here to learn more about our EPL coverage and available resources.