BOP: Mercantile

Here are some Mercantile Businesses that are a great fit for the Markel Essential BOP:

  • Clothing stores
  • Candy stores
  • Beauty supply stores
  • Gift shops
  • Bicycle shops

Additional coverage:
Add our employment practices liability (EPL) endorsement to further protect your business from the financial strain an employee claim can cause. Not only will the EPL endorsement provide you with the coverage you need, you will also have special access to Through this easy-to-use site, you can view and download resources such a model employee handbook, best employment practices checklist, model forms and policies, and a library of employment related articles. Our EPL endorsement is available to add to any Markel BOP policy in Arkansas, Hawaii, Michigan, North Carolina, Nebraska, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Utah, and Vermont.

Click here to learn more about our EPL coverage and available resources.

Did you know Markel has a loss control team dedicated to helping your clients reduce their exposure to potential claims? Here are some tips to help reduce claims in your clients’ Mercantile Business:

  1. Emergency exits must be unlocked or protected by panic hardware and accessible.
  2. Repair or replace loose, worn or torn flooring immediately.
  3. Keep debris away from heat sources.
  4. Make sure plugs and extensions cords are not overloaded.
  5. Make sure merchandise is properly displayed to prevent overload or collapse.
  6. Make sure steps, curbs and ramps are in good repair and painted a bright contrasting color.
  7. Make sure walkways are clean and free of obstruction, trip hazards and spills.
  8. Make sure fire extinguishers are properly located and regularly serviced.
For more information about any of Markel's loss control services, please call 888-500-3344 or email

Ineligible mercantile risks:

  1. Gun stores
  2. Pet stores
  3. Hardware stores with equipment rental
  4. Auto parts stores
  5. Gross sales exceeding $6,000,000 (in CA, NH, VT), or $10,000,000 (all other states)