BOP: Offices

Here are some offices that are a great fit for the Markel Essential BOP:

  • Accountants / Bookkeepers
  • Consulting firms
  • Interior decorators
  • Advertising agents
  • Insurance agents
  • Ticket agencies
  • Travel agents
  • Title agents

>> We offer lessor’s risk for office space! <<

Coverage highlight:

Every business faces the risk of losing electronic data. From computer viruses to harmful coding, one instance can cause a debilitating crisis for a small business. The Markel Essential BOP includes coverage to safeguard against these threats.

Essential        $10,000 aggregate
Essential +1   $25,000 aggregate
Essential +2   $50,000 aggregate

Additional coverage:

Add our employment practices liability (EPL) endorsement to further protect your business from the financial strain an employee claim can cause. Not only will the EPL endorsement provide you with the coverage you need, you will also have special access to Through this easy-to-use site, you can view and download resources such a model employee handbook, best employment practices checklist, model forms and policies, and a library of employment related articles. 

Click here to learn more about our EPL coverage and available resources.

Helpful Tips to protect your small business data:

  1. Automate your back-ups and build in redundancy
  2. Consider server virtualization
  3. Run a full service security suite
  4. Have a big picture disaster preparedness plan

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Ineligible risks:

  1. Lawyers, real estate agents, detectives, veterinarians
  2. In-home offices
  3. Political campaigns
  4. Square footage exceeding 100,000 square feet or an office six stories or more
  5. Gross sales exceeding $6,000,000 (in CA, NH, VT), or $10,000,000 (all other states)