Strategic partnership

Markel PayGo

Markel PayGo has become the billing plan of choice for workers compensation policy holders of all industries. Don’t expose your business to a potential large audit premium. Manage the risk and ask your agent to enroll your business on our PayGo payment plan. There are no large deposits and estimated premiums are a thing of the past! With PayGo, you pay your workers compensation premium based on your actual payroll every time payroll is processed.

Why PayGo?

  • No large down payments 
  • Significantly reduce audit exposure 
  • Premium is calculated on actual payroll at each pay period, not estimated 
  • Pay what you owe, no more, no less 
  • Payroll can be submitted manually, or directly from selected payroll providers 
  • Maximize your cash flow 
  • Easy payments - the premium is drafted from your bank account

Do I have to use a certain payroll provider or payroll system to qualify for PayGo?
No, any payroll provider will do! The PayGo system is flexible and can consume multiple file formats to make the process easy.  

Need a payroll vendor?
Markel has long partnered with Employer Pipeline (EPI), an agent friendly payroll and tax services provider. EPI has already been approved as a Markel PayGo Payroll Provider. Each payroll period, EPI will automatically upload payroll data for calculation and payment of premium. Premiums will be collected based on each individual payroll run and paid directly to Markel via ACH transfer from your specified bank account. Out of sight, out of mind!

To receive an EPI payroll quote, please call 877-EPI-PAY1 (877-374-7291) or email To learn more, visit

Are there any fees for using the PayGo plan?
There is a small installment fee per payroll submission. The fee is per company/insured not per employee. The installment fee is based on your payroll frequency or how often your payroll is submitted.

Other questions regarding PayGo? Please give the PayGo team a call at 855-70PAYGO (855-707-2946)