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Markel PayGo

Markel PayGo* is a payment option for all premium sizes, including: new ventures, businesses with varying payrolls, class codes with high-risk audit premium exposure, and insureds simply looking to improve their cash flow. Markel PayGo helps producers grow their workers compensation book as well as retain clients.

« Why PayGo payroll reporting?

  • Help your agency compete in the pay-as-you-go workers compensation market
  • Increase renewal retention
  • Automatic premium payments mean fewer cancellation notices, less hassle, and fewer items on the to-do list
  • Lowest down-payment amount of any of the payment plans (only the expense constant and state-mandated assessments, taxes and surcharges are collected)
  • Insureds can maximize cash flow! The premium collected is based on actual, not estimated, payroll
  • Premium is paid in smaller amounts and spread throughout the year
  • Reduce audit surprises
  • Works with payroll data from the insured’s payroll/accounting systems and the majority of payroll providers

« How do I bind an account with Markel PayGo?
It’s simple! When binding new business in the mPortal system, simply select the PayGo payroll reporting payment option. Remind the insured to send in the small down payment. For renewals, message your underwriter to change the pay plan to PayGo payroll reporting, ask for the revised down payment, and submit for the processing of the renewal. The Markel dedicated PayGo team will reach out to the insured to get them set up. The process is quick, easy, and your insured will be ready to pay-as-they-go.

Other questions regarding PayGo? Please give the PayGo team a call at 855-70PAYGO (855-707-2946)

*Markel PayGo is a branded product of Split Limit Studios, LLC. Enrollment is not a condition for purchase or renewal of insurance. Enrolling in PayGo Payroll Reporting does not change the terms and conditions of your policy or payroll classifications. Insurance products and services written are offered through Markel Specialty, which operates as a business division of Markel Service Incorporated. Policies written by one or more of our Markel insurance companies. Terms and conditions for rate and coverage may vary. Markel Specialty Commercial’s insurance products and services are offered through Markel Specialty, a business division of Markel Service Incorporated.