Training FAQs

Why does Markel FirstComp ask you to change your password so often?

Your information is valuable! To ensure the safety of this data, Markel FirstComp requires all users change their password every 90 days.

What states does Markel FirstComp currently do business in?

For a complete listing of states that Markel FirstComp currently does business in, click here.

What should I do if I have an error?

If you have an error while using our system, contact our Customer Service department at (888) 500-3344.

Submitting a policy is as easy as 1-2-3!

  1. Enter the general information
  2. Enter the account information
  3. Complete underwriting questions

If you still need assistance, please feel free to email Markel FirstComp support at

Save your policyholders up to $72!

FastPay, our online bill pay service automatically withdraws payments for policyholders on the date they’ve set! There are:
    • No installment charges or late fees 
    • No check writing or mailing costs 
    • No missed or late payments 

To enroll your policyholder’s in FastPay, visit and click “Online Payment.” To learn more contact your Sales Manager or our Customer Service department at (888) 500-3344.

How to I obtain loss runs?

The 1stQuote Agency Portal now features an enhanced Loss Run Report which will allow your agency to obtain all policy loss runs at one time! To access the Loss Run Report, click the Reports tab from the top of your homepage and choose Loss Run Report. To view a specific policy, enter the policy number in the field provided. To view all policies, leave the field blank. If you have questions about the enhanced Loss Run Report, please contact your Sales Manager.

Is there a list of class codes Markel FirstComp likes to write?

A target class code sheet with class codes Markel FirstComp likes to write is available on the 1stQuote Agency Portal in the ‘Forms’ section. Select the state you are interested in and search of the “Target Class Code Flyer”.

How do I find what classes Markel FirstComp writes in my state?

Markel FirstComp provides a Class Code search feature at the top of the homepage. Simply choose the state and class code, and then click check eligibility to quickly determine what class codes Markel FirstComp will quote for each state Markel FirstComp writes business in. Watch the Class Code Eligibility tutorial for additional information.

How do I contact my underwriter?

Markel FirstComp knows customer service is extremely vital to you, which is why we make quick and easy contact with our employees as simple as possible. Contact your underwriter today by using the Message feature on an account, email him/her directly, or call 1-888-500-3344.

How can I add or delete users?

The agency principal can contact the Agency Operations department to request the addition or removal of CSRs or producers. The Agency Operations department can be reached at (888) 500-3344 or

Does Markel FirstComp only cover workers compensation?

Markel FirstComp's primary coverage is mono-line workers compensation coverage. However, we do offer property and liability coverage in the form of Business Owners Policy (BOP) in select markets. Markel FirstComp anticipates future expansion into additional states for its BOP policy offering.

Does Markel FirstComp have BOP coverage in my state?

Click here to see what states currently have BOP coverage available.

Do I need my username to use the "Forgot Password or User Name" link?

To use the "Forgot Password or User Name" link, you will need the email address Markel FirstComp currently has on file for you.

1stQuote Agency Portal Tutorial

View this tutorial and learn helpful hints on features currently available to you in the 1stQuote Agency Portal.