The claims department at Markel Specialty believes that prompt contact of the insured and claimant is essential for a thorough investigation, which will enable us to evaluate and resolve the presented claim in a timely manner. We expect that settlement checks should be issued as soon as possible after receipt of all of the necessary settlement documents.

Markel Specialty believes that the best claim examiners are those, like ours, who have specialized training and experience with the type of property or injury involved in the loss. Any ambiguity in the language of our policy should be weighed in favor of our policyholders. We help keep premiums affordable for our policyholders by only paying what is owed under the policy – and vigorously fighting against all forms of insurance fraud. When a claim is not covered under a policy, we know that the insured deserves a timely explanation in writing and, if possible, we give suggestions on how to proceed to diminish their loss or avoid similar situations in the future.

Markel Specialty demands the same standard of professionalism and excellence of those assisting us in the claim investigation & damage appraisal as we demand of ourselves.

Above all, we believe that if we fulfill our promise to provide second to none claim service, our policyholders will choose to remain customers of Markel Specialty.

Report your property insurance claim immediately.

You can report your property insurance claim by calling our office, contacting your agent or by completing the online property insurance claim form.

Property Insurance Claims Toll Free Phone Number: 1-800-236-3113