To our customers impacted by recent storms

We hope you and your family are safe. If you have been affected by one of the recent hurricanes and need to make an insurance claim, please call 1-800-362-7535 or click here to file your claim online.

Excess and surplus homeowners

Providing quality insurance coverage for your unique property

The excess and surplus protection provides coverage for hard to place risks not eligible for traditional homeowners coverage such as:
  • Homes with coastal exposure
  • Properties with no prior insurance coverage
  • Difficult liability exposures
  • Properties with prior claims
  • Builders Risk / homes under renovation

Markel's policy forms range from basic coverage to specified peril.  We can provide coverage A in excess of $1 million and have the ability to tailor coverage and mitigate risk by using a broad selection of coverage limitations and/or exclusions.

Insurance, coverage and discounts are subject to terms and conditions, and may vary by state.  Please see the policy for specific coverage limitations and exclusions.