To our customers impacted by recent storms

We hope you and your family are safe. If you have been affected by one of the recent hurricanes and need to make an insurance claim, please call 1-800-362-7535 or click here to file your claim online.

Trainers and instructors coverages

Protect yourself with professional liability insurance

Markel is a business partner you can trust to give you sound advice on protecting your club, and, if you're an independent instructor, yourself.

Here's what you get when you choose Markel:

  • Liability coverage: If you are sued for negligence, Markel will pay the costs of defending you, even if the allegations are false, frivolous, or groundless. We'll also pay the costs to settle a claim, or costs that result if you lose the case, up to the level of protection you've chosen.
  • Claims handling: Claims can be quite stressful, and we hope you never have to experience one. But if you do, rest assured that Markel's claims team will handle your claims promptly and efficiently, with courtesy and tact.
  • Customer service: When you call Markel, you get a live person, not the run-around. When you have questions, we have answers.
  • Financial stability: Why does an insurance company's financial stability matter? A financially stable company will be around to pay your covered claims, whether they occur this year or many years from now. Read about Markel's financial rating here.

Choose the coverage you need
You can choose the professional liability limit you need:

  •  $136 premium, fully earned as allowed by State: $500,000 per occurrence/$1.5 million aggregate
  •  $171 premium, fully earned as allowed by State: $1 million per occurrence/$3 million aggregate
  •  $195 premium, fully earned as allowed by State: $2 million per occurrence/$4 million aggregate (Not available in HI and RI)

You can choose additional coverage:

  •  Nutritional and dietary supplemental consulting coverage, $25 per person

Insurance terms

  • Fully earned means that if you cancel your policy, your premium will not be refunded as allowed by state.
  • Per occurrence is the maximum amount Markel will pay for each covered claim.
  • Aggregate is the maximum amount Markel will pay for all covered claims combined. (Where permitted by law.)