Why you need insurance for a therapeutic riding center

Where can you find insurance specifically for your therapeutic riding center? Right here!

Operating a therapeutic riding center keeps you very busy. So you probably don’t have a lot of time to actively research insurance options and the property and liability risks associated with operating your center. But if you have the wrong or inadequate insurance, you could end up with uninsured or underinsured losses . . . and that could put you out of business!

Thankfully, you can turn to Markel Specialty for your insurance solution. We have partnered with PATH Intl to customize coverages to protect you and your business.

Our clients pick us year-after-year because we provide the right insurance products and knowledgeable and friendly claims service experts. That means you get something better than just another insurance policy. You get peace of mind.

Here are some actual claims we have paid out for our clients:

  • An insured therapeutic center suffered water damage after a bathroom sink drain pipe corroded and burst.
  • A volunteer at an insured center fell off a horse after it bucked. The injury was serious enough that an EMS was called to take the volunteer to the hospital for a neck injury.
  • A volunteer at an insured center was walking a horse when another horse spooked and jumped, knocking down the volunteer and causing a broken leg.

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