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  • What is Marine Tradesman?

    There are unique risks to owning a business and owning a commercial marine business is no exception. Markel Specialty understands these risks and for over 35 years have been insurance marine businesses like yours with our Marine Tradesman coverage. Markel Specialty's Marine Tradesman program is insurance protection designed to protect your marine business, whether it be a boat school, rental operation, charter boat, boat club, or anything in between. Contact a Markel Specialty marine agent to learn more today!
  • Do you insure charter boats?

    Yes, whether you are a professional captain taking out guest passengers out for sport fishing, dinner cruises, sightseeing tours or even using your boat as a water taxi you will be protected with our Marine Tradesman coverage. Contact a Markel Specialty marine agent to learn more today!
  • What type of marine businesses do you typically insure?

    With over 35 years of experience insuring marine businesses, chances are, we’ve seen a business like yours before. Example marine business risks that would fall under our Marine Tradesman program, would include:

    • Boat or PWC rental facilities
    • Charter boats used for guides, bareboat, sightseeing or sportfishing
    • Bed and breakfast boats
    • Boat clubs
    • Boat schools
    • Commercial fishing boats
    • Owner/operator (environmental, artisan, weed control, etc.)
  • I use my boat for my business, but also sometimes use it for personal use. Am I covered?

    If you own a boat bed and breakfast, use your boat to charter and/or guide, or even use your boat in a light commercial capacity (i.e. corporately owned boat used for client entertainment or employee use), you will be covered if you use your boat for personal use as well! Not sure if you’d be covered for personal use of your boat for your specific marine business? Give your Markel Specialty marine agent a call to find out more.

  • At my facility, we rent out boats and also use those same boats for charters. Am I covered for both uses of the boat?

    Absolutely! With our Tradesman coverage, numerous business types can be listed on one policy. For example, if you use your boat for charters, but also have that same boat available for rental for your customers, both can be listed on the same policy. 
  • What type of coverage do you offer for charter boat businesses?

    Whether you charter a boat for sport fishing, guides, dinner cruises, water taxis, or sightseeing excursions, we've got you covered! Charter business owners have a variety of protection options so they can customize their coverage to fit their business needs and budget. Some coverages available for marine charter businesses include:

    Base charter coverage options:

    • Windstorm extra expense
    • Automatic tender
    • Lower marine electronics deductible

    Optional coverages available:

    • Business interruption
    • Primary fishing equipment
    • Guest liquor liability
    • Slip and mooring liability
    • Premises liability

    Optional preferred charter package coverage options:

    • Tournament fee reimbursement
    • Referral liability
    • Emergency expense reimbursement
    • Limited commercial fishing
  • How do I get ahold of my agent?

    Getting ahold of your agent is easy!  If you are not sure who your Markel Specialty marine agent is, you can look on the declarations page of your Marine Tradesman policy (usually page 4 of your policy). Your agent’s information will be listed under “Your Agent” on the upper right-hand side of the page. Still not sure how to get ahold of your agent? Give us a call at +1.800.236.2453 and a Markel Specialty marine insurance specialist will be more than happy to help!
  • How do I get a quote from Markel Specialty?

    It is easy to get a quote from Markel Specialty! Simply find a licensed Markel Specialty marine agent in your area, and request a Markel Specialty insurance quote. It is that easy!

  • How do I make a change to my policy?

    If you need to make a change to your Markel Specialty marine insurance policy, simply contact the agent listed on the declarations page of your policy.

  • I have never heard of Markel Specialty. Are they a financially sound company?

    Yes. Markel Specialty Insurance is part of Markel Corporation, a $2.5 billion international company and has been a specialty insurance provider for over 35 years.

    Markel Corporation (NYSE – MKL) is a holding company for insurance and investment operations around the world. Headquartered in Richmond, Virginia and founded in 1930, Markel is organized around five insurance segments offering unique solutions for standard and hard-to-place risk challenges.. Insurance divisions include Markel Global, Markel Specialty, Markel Wholesale, Markel International (including Syndicate 3000, Markel International Insurance Company Limited, and Markel Resseguradora do Brasil S.A.), and Markel Re. Markel Ventures, a subsidiary that makes strategic investments in companies outside of the insurance marketplace, is another important component of our business. Markel is listed on the NYSE and trades under the ticker symbol “MKL.”

    In each of our businesses, we seek to deliver innovative products and responsive customer service so that we can be a market leader. Our time horizon is long-term, our underwriting approach is disciplined, and our focus is on continuously improving the quality of the customer experience. Our financial goals are to earn consistent underwriting and operating profits and to combine those profits with superior investment returns to build shareholder value. Independent rating agencies provide detailed reviews of operating results, capital and risk ratios, reserves and other financial results for Markel. Visit Markel's corporate website for more details.

  • Can I pay my bill online?

    Absolutely, just visit our "pay my bill" page. From there, you can decide if you want to make a payment with a credit card, debit card, or through your checking account. You can decide if you want to make a onetime payment or set up automatic recurring payments so you never miss a payment.
  • How do I file a claim?

    We understand that no one wants to file a claim. That's why we do everything we can to make the process as painless as possible. You may simply submit your high performance boat insurance claim online or call us at +1.800.236.2453 and we'll take it from there!
  • How long will it take for my claim to be processed?

    We are committed to investigating, evaluating, and resolving marine insurance claims in a timely manner, and typically handle most claims within 14 business days. We even send out checks for claim settlements as soon as both parties (Markel Specialty and the claimant) agree to the same terms.
  • Is there anything I can do to help speed up the claim process?

    Yes! You can help streamline the claims and settlement process and avoid delays by providing the following information when you file your claim:

    • Policy number
    • Date, time, and location of loss or damage
    • Description of loss or damage
    • Digital photos (if possible)
    • Phone number to reach you

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