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You can spend months planning your special event or wedding–the last thing you want to worry about is something going wrong. Markel wants you to relax and enjoy your big day. That’s why we help you safeguard your investment with affordable wedding event insurance. We help protect you from legal and financial responsibility resulting from incidents outside of your control. Our policies cover non-refundable deposits, lost or stolen gifts, and even injuries or damage during your wedding and the rehearsal.

We offer:

  • Wedding liability insurance
  • Wedding cancellation insurance

Wedding liability insurance

Our wedding liability insurance provides coverage for damages for which you are responsible if there is an accident at your wedding that causes injury or property damage. The policy covers your ceremony and reception, and if your rehearsal dinner is within 48 hours of your event, we’ll cover that too. We’ll also cover set-up and removal within 24 hours of the event. Best of all, coverage can be purchased up to one day before your wedding date.

Wedding liability insurance provides the following:

  • Bodily injury and property damage liability – up to $2 million in coverage can be purchased anytime up to 1 day before your wedding.
  • Host liquor liability insurance – coverage can be removed if you will not be serving alcohol at your wedding, saving you even more!
  • Primary coverage – if you have a covered claim, your Markel Specialty wedding insurance policy will pay first before any other insurance policy kicks in.
  • Event cancellation add-on – for only $50, you can add $5,000 of event cancellation coverage to your Markel Specialty wedding liability policy.

Guaranteed to meet your venue's insurance requirements - or your money back!

Many venues now require event liability insurance for weddings. Generally, the venue will be named as “additional insured” on the certificate of insurance. Markel includes this with your policy at no extra cost.

Wedding cancellation insurance

In the event that you have to cancel or postpone your wedding due to an unforeseen circumstance, our wedding cancellation policy covers non-refundable deposits and non-reimbursable expenses.

Examples of unforeseen circumstances:

  • Extreme weather
  • Accident
  • Illness
  • Military deployment
  • Vendor goes out of business

Wedding cancellation protection also covers additional expenses you may incur to avoid cancelling your wedding, and pays for other losses or damages, such as:

  • Lost wedding rings
  • Vendor no-shows
  • Lost or damaged wedding gifts
  • Damage to special event attire
  • Lost or damaged photography or videography

Every wedding is different. Our wedding cancellation insurance can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your wedding special policy limits determined by your total wedding budget. Plus, should you decide to hold your wedding for “better or worse,” Markel will cover additional expenses you need to make for last-minute changes. Take a look at some of the areas of coverage we offer:

Event photography/videography
In the event that your professional photographer doesn’t show up, we make sure it’s not a total loss. You’re covered for the amount you agreed to in your contract and for loss or damage to the original film or digital files before you receive them, including video.

Loss of deposits
Often, the bulk of your expenses are vendor deposits. If a vendor is a no-show, goes out of business or fails to provide the contracted services, we’ll reimburse you, up to your policy limits.

Special attire and jewelry
We will pay the cost to replace if lost or damaged prior to the event up to your policy limit. The same goes for jewelry worn just for your wedding. And those special heirlooms or attire are even insured for seven days prior to your event.

For the seven days before and the seven days after your wedding, we cover the cost to repair or replace lost or damaged gifts. This includes while the gifts are in the insured’s home or in a locked vehicle.

Extra expenses
Cancelling your wedding should be your last resort. Our coverage gives you the option to make last-minute changes so that your event can go on.

Professional counseling
Planning a wedding can be an emotionally taxing time. If a medical professional recommends counseling due to the cancellation or postponement of your wedding, we’ll cover the cost of therapy for up to one year from the date of the wedding.

Exactly how much coverage do you need? Look at the chart below, which states coverage limits based on your total overall event budget.

Wedding Cancellation Chart

Business and corporate events must have less than 500 attendees and are subject to underwriting approval. Event liability coverage for business and corporate events is not available in FL. Insurance, coverage, and discounts are subject to availability and qualifications and may not be available in all states. Coverage descriptions listed are intended to be brief and do not replace actual policy language. For questions or a complete definition of coverages and discounts available to you, please call a Markel insurance specialist at 800-236-2453.

Wedding Cancellation Chart

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