Why choose Markel Specialty?

Because unfortunately disaster can strike anytime, even on your wedding day.

Your wedding day has taken you months to plan. And if everything goes according to that plan, it will be a smashing success!

But since when does everything go according to plan?

You may have never thought about it this way, but there are financial repercussions to almost any hiccup that could occur before or during your wedding. Thankfully, there is also Markel Specialty wedding insurance to help you recover or repay for many of those situations.

Wedding vendors are not offering refunds.

Many wedding professionals do not offer refunds regardless of the circumstance that lead to the decision to cancel or postpone.  Unfortunately, things do happen that force you to cancel or postpone your wedding.  In these cases, you will want to recoup as much money as possible.

Many wedding venues require liability insurance.

More and more venues are unwilling to take on sole responsibility for situations that cause damage to their property and are finding alternative means to protect themselves from liability. This means requiring their clients purchase a one-day event liability policy, which helps spread the risk among all parties involved.

Extreme weather is unpredictable.

The one item you surely do not have any control whatsoever over is the weather. Extreme weather such as a hurricane or tropical storm (or even an epic snowstorm) can cause your venue to be unusable a few days before your event or even prevent you or your wedding guests from reaching the wedding! Wedding insurance can help recoup your costs if you have to cancel or move your wedding to a new location. (Sorry, outdoor wedding aficionados, the average summer thunderstorm would not be covered).

Still not conviced?

Here are some real-life special event claims examples directly from our claims files:

  • The damaged floor - A bride rented a confetti cannon that left stains on the venue’s dance floor. Our wedding liability insurance policy paid out almost $3,000.
  • The bankruptcy - A venue went bankrupt and was padlocked 2 weeks before the insured's wedding. Total damages paid out under Markel Specialty's wedding cancellation coverage was just over $27,500.
  • The wildfire - California wildfires destroyed a winery where the client was hosting their wedding. Our wedding cancellation policy paid out almost $37,000 which allowed the host to proceed with their wedding at a new location.

You’ve heard the old advice, “Hope for the best, but plan for the worst.” That’s why Markel Specialty wedding insurance needs to be part of your plan. Get a free no-obligation quote today!

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