Imagine an insurance plan just for wholesale and distribution businesses.

No doubt you have insurance coverage for your wholesale or distribution business.

But does your insurance take into account the crucial role your business plays in the supply chain? Or does it just assume your business is like any other?

Markel Specialty realizes the important part you play in getting products from manufacturers to the stores. That’s why we have business insurance for wholesale and distribution businesses such as:

  • Appliance distributors
  • Bakery distributors
  • Barber or beauty shop supplies distributors
  • Floral distributors
  • Floor covering distributors
  • Hardware distributors

Our workers compensation insurance combined with our businessowners policy, or BOP, can provide you with customization for your business—covering commercial general liability, commercial property, and other areas essential to helping you protect your assets. This combination can also earn you up to a 10% multi-policy discount.* Also, by adding Markel Specialty’s commercial umbrella liability insurance policy in addition to eligible EssentialBOP policies can provide qualified customers additional insurance protection for the costs of catastrophic claims and lawsuits.

Why you need insurance for your wholesale and distribution business

A Markel Specialty business insurance plan can help your operations run smoothly. It offers the insurance protection you need to help recover from common wholesaler and distribution issues, such as:

  • Third-party injuries
  • Faulty products
  • Damaged or stolen inventory
  • Injured employees

Because your inventory is central to your operations, the importance of commercial property insurance can't be overstated. Commercial property insurance can help pay to repair or replace your business property if it is stolen or damaged.

This coverage helps you recover from an unexpected disaster and to repair or replace essential equipment and assets such as:

  • Office space or warehouses
  • Inventory
  • Heavy equipment
  • Supplies
  • Furnishings
  • Fixtures

Insurance coverages for wholesale and distribution businesses

Markel Specialty insurance is one of the risk management tools every wholesale or distribution business needs.

Some insurance coverages include:

Accounts receivable
Insurance coverage that protects a business against financial losses caused by damage to its accounts receivable records, and provides coverage to a business when one of its customers fails to make payment on its debt after records are damaged or destroyed by a covered loss.

Business Income
Business income covers your company's loss of income due to a slowdown or temporary suspension of normal operations, stemming from damage to physical property.

Equipment breakdown
Covers direct loss of or damage to covered property caused by or resulting from mechanical breakdown or electrical failure to pressure, mechanical or electrical machinery and equipment.

Workers compensation
Combine a Markel Specialty businessowners policy with our workers compensation insurance and employment practices liability coverage and you have one of the risk management tools every wholesale or distribution business needs.

Workers compensation can pay for costs associated with occupational illnesses and injuries including:

  • Medical expenses
  • Partial wages while the employee recovers
  • Funeral expenses if an employee dies from a work injury
  • Legal expenses if your business is sued over a work injury

By combining our workers compensation and businessowners policies you can earn up to a 10% multi-policy discount.*

Follow the link below to view all of our coverages that are available for processing and services businesses.


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Background checks, training materials and education available at negotiated rates.
PayGo Payroll reporting is the billing plan of choice for workers compensation policyholders.

Recover quickly and keep running – that’s the key to wholesaler and distributor insurance.
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*The discount applies to businessowners policy only.  Multi-policy discount not applicable to Equipment Breakdown Protection and Employee Practices Liability Insurance endorsements