Why you need insurance for your winery and vineyard

Complete and comprehensive insurance protection for wineries and vineyards is a must.

What makes insurance for wineries and vineyards so different from other insurance?

Unlike a typical farm or factory, your vineyard or winery may have guest visitors, special events, sterile tanks and vats, vulnerable liquid inventories, and much more. As you know, it doesn’t take much to wipe out an entire year’s work – or to put your assets at risk of lawsuits.

Just look at these actual claims we paid for our clients:

  • After a cold snap, a pipe burst at an insured winery, damaging the ceiling.
  • As an insured vineyard prepared for bottling, a forklift driver at their contracted winery dropped a barrel which burst open.
  • A guest on the premises of a vineyard was struck in the head by a patio umbrella blown loose by a strong gust of wind. Even though the guest refused medical attention, they later claimed they suffered a concussion and sought compensation.
  • An insured vineyard loaned their press to another vineyard. The press over-pressurized and caused major property damage to the other vineyard.

Why take a chance when Markel Specialty offers affordable, comprehensive protection customized just for your winery or vineyard.

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