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For over 45 years, Markel Specialty has been the yacht insurance leader because we provide coverages that fit your yacht and your lifestyle. Our yacht insurance can offer distinct advantages in breadth of risk, coverage features, options, and expertise.

Why do I need yacht insurance?

Whether you own a yacht or a houseboat, we understand your watercraft isn’t a typical boat, and your insurance policy shouldn’t just be a typical boat policy. That’s where we come in. Each Markel Specialty yacht insurance policy can be customized to fit your yacht, your needs, your budget, and your style.

Here are just a few of the advantages of insuring your yacht with Markel Specialty:

  • More complete coverage than any other carrier for no additional cost
  • Discounts and cost-effective coverage options to save you money
  • Flexible payment options
  • Experienced yacht underwriters and marine claims specialists who provide prompt, responsive service

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What can yacht insurance cover?

Whether you have a yacht, sailboat, sport fishing boat, trawler, or houseboat, if the watercraft is over 26 feet in length, Markel Specialty offers an extensive listing of coverages for you, your passengers, and your yacht.

Coverage for your yacht

Hull and equipment insurance protection including:

  • Broad navigation limits
  • Protect and recover pays reasonable costs incurred when trying to protect your yacht from further damage
  • Consequential damage for non-wood yachts–normal wear and tear and deterioration is not typically covered under a yacht insurance policy. However, if your yacht suffers damage from fire, explosion, sinking, or collision, because of one of these conditions, you may be protected
  • Ice and freezing damage coverage
  • Agreed value for total loss
  • Deductible waived on most total losses
  • No depreciation on most partial losses
  • Automatic tender coverage

Windstorm extra expense
If there is a named storm, watch, or warning, we will share the costs of protecting your yacht.

Personal effects coverage
For all of the “extras” (smart phone, camera, etc.) you physically bring onto your yacht.

Emergency towing and assistance
Coverage for towing expenses if your yacht happens to get stuck in or out of the water, including the delivery of gas, oil, and parts.

Rental reimbursement coverage
Coverage for when your insured yacht is in the shop being repaired.

Coverage for you

Uninsured boater
Coverage if an uninsured boat operator hits your yacht while in the water.

Pollution liability
Coverage if your yacht accidentally discharges into your favorite lake.

Medical payments
Coverage for injuries suffered during a boating accident.

Paid crew (Jones Act)
Coverage for those who run and maintain your yacht.

Protection and indemnity
Coverage in the event that you are responsible for injuries to another person, or damage to their boat or property. Wreck removal is included with purchase of hull coverage.

Optional yacht insurance coverages
  • Boat trailer coverage
  • Boat lift and boat house coverage
  • Fishing tournament reimbursement for fishing boats
  • Fishing equipment protection
  • Transit and storage coverage
  • Trip coverage
  • Trip interruption reimbursement
  • Coverage for paid captain and crew
  • Personal liability coverage if you live aboard your yacht
Save money by customizing your yacht insurance

Actual cash value coverage (ACV)
Reduce your coverage to ACV, which factors in depreciation of your yacht should you have to file a claim.

Lay-up option
We’ll discount your yacht insurance premium during the winter months when your yacht is not in use.

Higher deductibles
If you can manage minor repairs to your boat on your own, selecting a higher deductible will reduce your premium.

Windstorm exclusion
Live in an area that isn’t at risk for a hurricane? You may consider removing windstorm coverage from your policy.

Liability only
Coverage in case you damage another yacht and/or person (doesn’t require a survey–even for older boats).

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