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Just because you own a yacht doesn’t mean you have to pay high-end yacht insurance prices.

For over 35 years, Markel Specialty has been the yacht insurance leader because we provide coverages that fit your yacht and your lifestyle. Compare us to either “bundled” insurance programs or our yacht insurance competitors and you’ll see our yacht insurance offers distinct advantages in breadth of risk, coverage features, options, and expertise.

Whether you own a yacht , or a houseboat, we understand your watercraft isn’t a typical boat, and your insurance policy shouldn’t just be a typical boat policy. Each Markel Specialty yacht insurance policy can be customized to fit your yacht, your needs, your budget, and your style – whether that means medical payments, hull and watercraft protection, boat house coverage, business entertainment coverage, pollution liability, or just plain saving you some money.

Not every kind of yacht insurance is good insurance.

Your boat is a floating complex of modern technology–electrical, navigational, mechanical, and structural. When a system fails, the results can be unpredictable . . . and catastrophic.

Markel Specialty yacht insurance offers the comprehensive options you need along with affordable rates, excellent claims service, and flexible payment options.

We offer affordable yacht insurance coverage.

The marine specialists at Markel Specialty are seasoned experts with over 35 years of experience. We’ve seen it all. Which is good because we know what could happen and and how to properly cover it.

Accidents happen and when they do, we are here to help. Learn about our upfront claims process and how you can help.
From boat safety tips to breaking down yacht insurance, find the information, advice, and resources you’ll need all in one place.
Yacht insurance doesn’t need to be complicated. Explore our most commonly asked questions about yacht insurance and get the answers you’re looking for.
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  • Fast and fair claims processing

    "Very friendly, quick and smooth claims process. Absolutely no hassles! Will recommend Markel to any boat owner!"

    Issac N. | Yacht insurance customer | September, 2017

  • Protection you can count on

    "My boat was struck by lightning, and nobody thought my insurance would cover it, but Markel did! Thanks so much for doing the right thing! I love Markel!"

     Daniel S. | Yacht insurance customer | February, 2018

  • Great customer service

    "Thank you for your speedy settlement of my claim at the beginning of boat season, so I could get back out there as soon as possible!"

    Bob S. | Yacht insurance customer | October, 2017

  • Affordable rates

    "Excellent value for the cost. The staff at Markel is very courteous and knowledgeable, I feel my boat is in great hands!"

    Robert W. | Yacht insurance customer | July, 2018

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