Why you need Markel Specialty yacht insurance

From getting struck by lightning to running aground, ordinary boat insurance just isn't enough for your yacht.

You’ve probably swapped horror stories with other yacht owners about that one time when. The stories are funny now, but they weren’t very funny when they happened. Especially if the yacht was underinsured or lacked of a particular type of coverage yachts should have.

That’s why you need flexible, customizable, affordable insurance that properly protects your yacht, and you! The kind of coverage Markel Specialty has specialized in for over 35 years.

Our affordable yet comprehensive yacht insurance policies give you inclusive coverage while saving you money. Plus, we can help you customize your yacht coverage to fit your boating needs and budget.

Trust your coverage to Markel Specialty yacht insurance–your experienced and responsive marine insurance company.

Markel Specialty offers:

  • More complete coverage than any other carrier for no additional cost
  • Discounts and cost-effective coverage options to save you money
  • Flexible payment options
  • Experienced yacht underwriters and marine claims specialists
  • Fast and painless claims service

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