Common Q&As about insuring a foal


My mare is pregnant and due to foal in 2017. Will the foal be insurable?

Yes. New foals can be quite an investment and Mortality coverage is available to protect this investment.

At what age can my foal be insured?

The foal can be insured at 24 hours old upon receipt of a satisfactory veterinarian exam confirming the foal is in good health and there were no complications with its birth. The exam needs to be completed after the foal is at least 24 hours and have normal IgG/CBC testing results.

Will the mortality rates be higher on my new foal?

The rates on foals 24 hours through 90 days old are higher than the normal rates. The risk is greater for foals during this early developmental period. Regular rates apply if the foal is not insured until it is 91 days old.

Will medical/surgical or surgical coverage be available on my new foal?

The Medical/Surgical or the Surgical coverage can be bound once the foal is at least 30 days old.

How do I establish a value on my foal?

The value is determined based on the stud fee paid if the foal was homebred. Generally, the foal is insured for two to three times the stud fee depending on the age when coverage is secured. If the foal is a new purchase, the value is determined on the purchase price.

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