When to call your insurance company

General liability horse insurance

My horse is lame after competing in a horse show this weekend! Do I need to contact my insurance company? How will my coverage be affected?

Horses are an investment and coverages are available to protect your investment. It is a standard condition of all equine mortality and medical/surgical policies that the insurer be notified in the event of any illness, disease, lameness, injury, accident, or physical disability of the horse.

Many people worry reporting an injury/illness will affect coverage, when the opposite can happen. Minor treatments can lead to more serious and sometimes life-threatening conditions, so do not hesitate to contact your carrier. Horses frequently recover from minor lameness, injury, or illness within the policy period. Additional information is often requested at renewal and no exclusion may apply.

Things to remember:

  • Markel claims is only a phone call away, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • The sooner the insurer gets the information, the better it can serve you.
  • Always report pre-existing conditions and understand their impact on your policy.*
  • Immediately report any accidents/sicknesses/injuries/deaths.
  • Contact your insurer for permission prior to any surgical procedures and prior to euthanasia.
  • Make arrangements for a necropsy.
  • Call the police immediately in case of theft/shooting/vehicular involvement.
  • Bring these procedures and phone numbers to the attention of anyone having care, custody and control of your horse.
  • Your claims examiner will guide you through the claims process, explain your coverage, and help you fully understand your policy benefi ts.

*Pre-existing conditions are injuries or sicknesses that your horse has had in the past. These conditions may be excluded on the policy; however, the underwriter may decide not to exclude a condition depending on the severity of the sickness or injury. 


General liability horse insurance

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