Motorcycle front suspension tips

Motorcycle front suspension

The front suspension on your motorcycle is an overlooked and often misunderstood part of your bike, yet very important! While most are designed and set up for a happy medium for most riders, you can greatly improve your comfort and safety with minor changes. Plus, it is often forgotten that forks require periodic service, which is critical to your safety.

I see many units come in for general service and discover leaking fork seals. This can cause several issues. Adverse handling is one, but the leaking oil can also travel down to the brake caliper contaminating the brake pads and your ability to stop! Before taking a ride, do a close check of this area to see if you notice any seepage.

There are many different types of front suspensions and some incorporate anti-dive and split braking technology that work hand-in-hand with the fork setup and oil levels.

Setting up the front suspension for your riding style and weight is a great way to enhance your comfort and safety. Oil viscosity, quantity, and fork tube height can have a huge impact on handling and comfort.

Always read your owner’s manual or call your local repair shop or dealer for information on set up or repair. Take the time to inspect your bike before and after a good ride!

Enjoy your bike!

Woody Graves

About the author:
John "Woody" Graves is one of those "been there, done that" motorcycle enthusiasts. Enthusiast is actually an understatement; it’s his passion and way of life. Woody’s passion dates back to 1971 when he started motocross racing. Since then he’s dedicated his life to restoring, fabricating, and repairing motorcycles. Today, Woody owns and operates his own motorcycle shop in Waukesha, WI. He’s also still racing and a promoter of the Midwest Vintage MX series. With five decades of experience working on his own bikes, building race bikes, and servicing customer’s bikes, he has the knowledge to help you enjoy your ride and stay safe on the road.

This article is intended for general informational purposes only regarding non-insurance matters and is not designed to provide professional advice.
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