Safety tips for festival events

A safer layout

If vendors are selling crafts and food at your festival, there are some things to consider for improving crowd safety.

  • Make sure walkways are clear of any trip and fall hazards including:
    • Electric cords
    • Display booth supports
    • Trash
  • Some people attending may need wheelchair access to the vendor areas 
  • In order to comply with the A.D.A. make sure no booths or other items are set up in the way of the wheelchair access

If there are a large number of children attending:

  • Make sure areas that attract children are spread out to avoid overcrowding certain areas which can lead to accidents. 
    • For example, areas where games and activities are located should be far enough away from areas where arts and crafts are being sold to avoid possible accidents.


  • Food and beverage vendors should be required to provide general liability certificates of insurance and the school should be named as an additional insured or a certificate holder. 
  • It is a good idea to require a signed contract between the school and the vendors explaining the terms of the agreement and clearly state:
    • What the vendor will be responsible for
    • What the school is required to handle

Facilities & grounds:

  • If vendors are providing their own cords to connect to electric supply they should be inspected to make sure the ground fault connector (the 3rd prong) has not been altered. 
  • Prior to the event beginning, food cooking operations should be inspected to assure safety from fire, grease spills, electrical accidents, trip and falls and wind hazards. 
  • All tents, awnings, and canopies used during the festival should be secured to prevent hazards caused by the wind.
  • Cut grass prior to an event since longer grass may create unstable footing especially when wet from spills and rain. 
  • If the school property has areas where the ground has holes or steep drop offs, these hazardous areas should be cordoned off with caution tape and stakes to keep people from walking in those hazard areas.


It is a good idea to have a plan to secure any money and valuables before, during, and after school events.

  • Designate individuals to be responsible for money and security in the various areas of the event.
  • Oftentimes local police will provide a presence at events simply by offering free admissions and / or food and beverages.

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