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Caution tripping hazard sign on a wall

Proper signage is a very effective way to keep injuries out of the gym. In addition to relaying gym rules, posting signs can help notify non-members to stay out of the gym area.

Display signs so they are clearly visible and legible—a font size of 72 or more is recommended. You may need to post signs in various locations. Post a notice at the front door, and also display notices at the entrance to the gym. If you don’t have a separate doorway entrance to your gym, consider using a welcome board or easel, or paint signs on the floor directly in front of the workout area (“Stop! Members Only Beyond This Point”).

Yellow or orange signs with black lettering are universal colors used to advise people of potential hazards. Red is a color that people associate with stopping. Don’t post signs on regular white paper; they can easily be confused with memos and other notices.

Use a red octagon-shaped sign when you want people to stop. Use triangular or diamond-shaped signs with yellow or orange lettering as warning signs. Contact your local sign shop and customize your signs to meet your gym needs. They can also be helpful in addressing any legal specifications that may involve size, shape, and letter size.

As a supporting strategy, train your staff to quickly divert non-members away from the workout area to a location designated for visitors.

Caution tripping hazard sign on a wall

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