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The longer you practice your art, the more skilled and knowledgeable you become, and the quicker you can respond to an adversary’s threats and attacks. Through years of dedication to your art and guidance from experienced instructors, you learn to become a more proficient martial artist. By following guidance provided by experienced risk management instructors, the same proficiency is true for maintaining well-managed loss prevention strategies to protect your martial arts school.

The Glossary of Insurance and Risk Management Terms defines loss prevention as a risk management technique that seeks to reduce the possibility that a loss will occur or reduce the severity. Insurance “black belts” that provide this service for Markel’s insured are risk solution services professionals (a.k.a. Team RSS). Team RSS is well-trained to understand what exposures martial arts schools might face and offer strategies to help defend against them. 

Team RSS can develop action plans to help mitigate loss potential and assist in better understanding issues that may impact your martial arts business. Team RSS helps create a safe and sustainable working environment for customers and employees and assists in reducing business expenses using industry-proven loss prevention strategies.  

Martial arts program clients have typically experienced the following areas of loss; water damage, vandalism, theft, fire, lightning damage and auto accidents. 

To help you defend against these threats, enter the dojo of Team RSS by visiting our webpage Risk Solution Services | Markel. Here you will find a number of value-added resources to help you gain balance and defend your prized possession. Some resources include: 

Once inside the RSS ring, you will see a number of available resources to help deliver your loss prevention “kiai.” 

  • Trainings 
    Team RSS offers webinars and safety videos on topics related to a variety of industries for our customers. 
  • Negotiated third-party services 
    Team RSS has partnered with several vendors to provide discounted services to our insureds, including background checks and driving skills. 
  • Risk navigators 
    Markel’s Risk Navigators provide a comprehensive understanding of subjects relevant to our insureds.  

Be on the lookout for more tips to help strengthen your defenses against liability, auto and property damage losses in the next Martial arts Risk Solution Services newsletter. 

Glossary of Insurance and Risk Management Terms. Sixth Edition. International Risk Management Institute, Inc. Dallas.TX.1996 

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